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Photo Name Title Email Phone Web site
  Aide, Teacher Aide
Photo for Bauer, Dustin Bauer, Dustin Teacher Email 406-452-5276
  Brooks, Brenda Computer Teacher Email 452-5276
  Castle, Joey High School Teacher Email
Photo for Church, Carol Church, Carol Aide Email 406-452-5276
  Culpepper, David Head of School Email 452-5276
Photo for Dierking, Doreen Dierking, Doreen Jr High Teacher Email 406-452-5276
Photo for Grimes, Connie Grimes, Connie 6th Grade Teacher Email 452-5276
Photo for Hall, Ramona Hall, Ramona Business Manager Email 406-452-5276
Photo for Holland, Alyssa Holland, Alyssa 4th Grade Teacher Email 406-452-5276
Photo for Johnson, Jaye Johnson, Jaye Secretary Email 406-452-5276
  Jones, Kim Bookkeeper Email 452-5276
Photo for Koteskey, Kerri Koteskey, Kerri Advancement Coordinator Email 406-452-5276
  Lauver, Jeff High School Teacher Email 452-527-6___
  Matti, Michael Maintenance Email 406-452-5276
  Matti, Yong Maintenance Email 406-452-5276
  McNay, Carson PE Teacher/Athletic Director Email 406-452-5276
Photo for Meza, Miriam Meza, Miriam Email 406-452-5276
  Micheli, Ana Spanish Teacher Email 452-5276
Photo for Miller, Betsy Miller, Betsy 5th Grade Teacher Email 406-452-5276
  Morrison, Carrie High School Teacher Email 406-452-5276
Photo for Pennell, Bonnie Pennell, Bonnie Secretary Email 406-452-5276
  Polzin, Stephanie 2nd Grade Teacher Email 406-452-5276
  Rohacs, Tiffany PK Teacher Email 406-452-5276
  Smith, Devon 1st Grade Teacher Email 452-5276
  Wallace, Lisa Music Teacher Email 452-5276