School Profile


Year Founded: 1996

Accreditation: Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and AdvancedED

Head of School: Mr. David Culpepper

Churches Represented: 29

Curriculum: A Beka, ACSI, Bob Jones, Saxon Math

Grade Levels: Pre-Kindergarten (age 4) through 12th grade

Total Enrollment: 147 (class size average = 12)

Tuition Cost: $3,830 to $5,290 annually

Elementary Co-Curricular Offerings: Art Show, Basketball, Bible Bowl, Christmas Program, Field Day, Ski Day, Spelling Bee, Speech Meet, Wax Museum History Fair. Field Trips: Ballet, CM Russell Museum, MT Wildlife & Parks Ice Fishing, Symphony.

Junior High Co-Curricular Offerings: Art Show, Basketball, Choir, Field Day, First Lego League, Football, Ski Day, Spelling Bee, Student Government,  Volleyball, Washington DC Educational Trip

High School Co-Curricular Offerings: Art Show, Basketball, Choir, College Days, Community Service, Fall Retreat, First Lego League, Leadership High School, Mission Trips, National Honor Society, Online Specialty Classes,Praise Team, Soccer, Student Government, Volleyball.

Distinctive Programs: All School (K-12) Chapel Programs, Christmas Music Program, Grade Appropriate Service Projects, Grandparents Day and Veterans Day, High School Fall Retreat, Montana Christian Athletic Association, National Day of Prayer, See You At The Pole, Senior Chapel Services, Varsity Athletics.

Average ACT Composite Score: 24.6

First Graduating Class: 2005

Number of Alumni: 102

Currently Enrolled Exchange Students: 1