High School Graduation Requirements

General:  High school students are required to graduate with a minimum of 24 credits.  The following classes are required for graduation:                                                                                                                                                                          

         Bible                                     4.00 credits or 1 credit each year at FCCS

            English                                4.00 credits

            Social Sciences                 4.00 credits (half-year government)

            Math                                      3.00 credits

            Science                                3.00 credits

            Physical Ed.                        1.00 credit

            Health Ed.                           1.00 credit

            Fine Art                                1.00 credit

            Foreign Language            1.00 credit

            Electives                             2.00 credits


Community Service- 20 hours per year enrolled at FCCS for high school.  Each year there are opportunities for students at FCCS to serve in the school.  Students may use these opportunities to acquire 10 of the 20 required community service hours or they may acquire all 20 hours on their own.  Community Service forms must be completed and turned into office after each service project so that the hours worked can be recorded.