Our focus for our annual appeal this year is a 12 Days of Giving Approach.  Over the course of 12 business days, beginning December 1st and running through December 18th, we are asking our friends and supporters to prayerfully consider how you can partner with Foothills.  We will sharing the impacts of your gifts via our social media sites throughout the month of December and you can give any day beginning December 1 and continuing through December 31.


To make a contribution, simply click on your preferred Day(s) of Giving, and you will be directed to an online giving form. An electronic receipt will be emailed to you as well.


If you prefer to mail a check, please mail to: Foothills Community Christian School * 2210 5th Ave N * Great Falls, MT 59401.  Please be sure to include a note or check memo indicating to which day(s) you would like to direct your gifts. All online gifts submitted before 11:59pm MST on December 31, 2017 or gifts postmarked by December 31, 2017, will be receipted and deductible for the 2017 year.


Thank you for your support of Foothills and your partnership in

helping us provide a Christ-centered education for our students.

If you would like to give toward the GREATEST NEEDS at Foothills,

please select the "Donate Now" icon below.





Links to other days of giving will become active on the specified day and remain open through December 31.



December 1 ~ Core Value Giving - Leadership

Our students are taught to be critical thinkers with a Biblical worldview. Your gift today will provide financial support for us to continue to expand on leadership within our curriculum and teach our students the importance of influence on our communities. It also assists with funding our LeaderTreks training for our high school students. Learn More


December 4 ~ Playground Equipment

A generous donor has provided a $10,000 gift toward the purchase of playground equipment and we secured a grant for a partial match from a vendor. Your donation will enhance the equipment we are able to purchase and help with installation costs. Learn More


December 5 ~ Core Value Giving - Exceptional Academics

We set high academic standards for our students. Gifts toward academics help provide resources in our classrooms for our teachers, professional development opportunities and training when available and funding for the day to day needs in the classroom. Learn More


December 6 ~ Accreditation Visit Expenses

In April 2018, we will have a visiting team of 4-5 individuals on campus to review our self-study and application for continued accreditation through ACSI and AdvancED. Both accreditations are key to our students’ recognition for college entrance and scholarships. The visit is a unique expense to our budget and your support will help offset those costs for this academic year. Learn More


December 7 ~ Core Value Giving - Authority of God's Word

We encourage students toward a Christian worldview by integrating their faith, learning, and knowledge in all aspects of their education. From weekly chapel services to Bible curriculum, the authority of God’s word is our guiding force at Foothills. We ask you to consider making a prayer pledge today. Will you agree to join our prayer warriors and pray for Foothills and our needs on a regular basis? Learn More


December 8 ~ Building Maintenance Needs

Our facility is aging and with age comes the need for continued maintenance and updates. From burned out light bulbs to repairs on our boilers and aesthetic work, there are always ways we can improve our facility. General fund gifts toward our buildings and grounds provide financial support for these necessary and annual improvements. Learn More


December 11 ~ Scholarship

Accessing a Christ-centered education can be a challenge for families in our community. Your giving to our scholarship fund provides assistance to those families who see the value in Christian education and need additional resources to make it a reality for their family. Learn More


December 12 ~ Core Value Giving - Relationships

Relationships are a key component of an education at Foothills. Our students learn the value of relationships with their peers, churches, family members, and other ministry groups in our community. Relationships also include volunteering. On this day, we ask you to consider signing up as a volunteer at Foothills. The opportunities are numerous and the impact is lasting. Learn More


December 13 ~ Technology

Technology is becoming more and more integrated into our classrooms. Teachers are now utilizing document cameras and other technological advances to enhance the classroom experience. Gifts given toward technology provide funds to continue to improve technology in our classrooms and throughout our building. Learn More


December 14 ~ Core Value Giving - Nurturing Environment

We have reading buddy programs that group 6th grade and PreK students as well as Seniors and 2nd grade students. These interactions provide a way for older students to learn the value of mentoring younger students and create an overall sense of family and nurturing environment. Your general fund gift today enables us to continue to provide these types of opportunities for our students and to do so in a safe environment. Learn More


December 15 ~ Athletics

Athletics creates many extracurricular opportunities at Foothills. We field athletic teams for elementary students beginning in 4th grade and continuing through junior high and high school. Giving toward athletics provides funding for equipment, uniforms and other necessities in our athletic department. Learn More


December 18 ~ Teacher and Staff Appreciation

Our teachers are the backbone to a Foothills education. Each year, we take a love offering at our Christmas Program. For those of you who are not able to attend the program, your giving today will be collectively added to the gifts of others and given directly to our teachers as a thank you for their dedication to our students and the next generation of leaders.