As we look forward to the next generation of students, we have a vision for our school and our role in the community and we are excited for you to partner with us to help make it a reality. Our future goals are based on the successes we have built over the past 20 years and continue to build upon today.

With more than 100 alumni scattered across the state, country, and world, Foothills is a vibrant part of our community and a proud partner with many other ministries in our area.  We provide a Christ-centered education for our students and we equip them with a solid biblical worldview.

Our gradutes serve as leaders in our:





Our students consistently average higher ACT scores than the state and national averages.  For 2017, our student ACT average was 24.6 compared to the Montana State average of 20.3 and the national average of 21! In addition, 4 of our students have scored a 30 or higher in the past two years (max score of 36) which ranks them in the 94th percentile of students nation wide. More than 10% of our alumni are serving in various branches of the military while others are completing doctoral degrees, teaching in our schools, running their own businesses, serving in ministry and more! Our students, current and past, realize the value of service in their community and are difference makers wherever they reside.

Our vision for the future is to  continue to provide an excellent Christ-centered education to more families and students!  Our vision is to grow our enrollment! Grow our facility! And grow our impact on our community.   But we need your help!


Our vision includes:

*Enrollment growth from our current 161 students to 250+ 

*A new facility which will provide pathways for new programs and hosting Foothills and Community Events

*A continued expansion of our scholarship program to provide financial assistance to families who want to partner with Foothills for a Christ-centered education.

Our goal is to raise $8.5 million for the purchase of land and construction of a new facility. As with any growth, this will be done in phases as God provides partners and resources for our project.


We have already secured start-up gifts that exceed $1.1 Million in support of our project including the blessing of a $500,000 challenge gift from the the Gianforte Family Foundation.  The purpose of the challenge gift is to encourage and inspire our Friends of Foothills to partner with us in our vision.

Our need is great! We know this project is God sized but we know that He is faithful and will provide partners and opportunities for us to complete the vision He has given us for the future of our school.


*Our immediate need is to meet the $500,000 challenge from the Gianforte Foundation.  Our goal is to match that gift, dollar for dollar, by the Fall of 2018. With your support, we can turn the $500,000 gift into $1 Million in support of our school and our future. This investment will increase our raised total to more than $1.6 million in cash and pledged support for our facility.  We also have more than $300,000 in verbal pledges for in-kind contributions for a new facility.

*We are looking for individuals who want to partner with us to share our vision with businesses, investors and prospective families.

*We are looking for businesses who would like to explore partnership opportunities for in-kind services (partial or full)

*We need prayer warriors who will pledge to pray faithfully for our project, our students and our partners


Will you partner with us in Faith today, as we build for Tomorrow?

To learn more about how you can partner with Foothills, contact one of our committee members:

Dr. Jenni Leach, FCCS Board Member and Parent, 406-590-0765 or by email.

Kerri Koteskey, FCCS Advancement Coordinator, 406-452-5276 or by email.

Mr. John Fried, FCCS Board Member Emeritus by email