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Board of Directors

Foothills Community Christian School has a School Board that is varied in background, but united in purpose: to see that the children who come through FCCS are taught and guided by a worldview that places Christ at the center. Each board member is deeply committed to that ideal and gives liberally of time in serving the school and helping to accomplish that mission.

* The School Board, who collectively defines the values of the organization, provides strategic leadership, articulates the vision of the organization, and ensures the organization is reaching the desired end results as specified through Board Policy.

* The Head of School, who oversess all academic staff and has primary responsibility for managing all parent and student relations including admissions, attendance, and discipline. This individual also oversees institutional finances. This individual is a direct report to the School Board.

Role of the Board and Its Members
The School Board Members encompasses a group of individuals who act as one voice for the purpose of guiding the organization for which they hold trusteeship. The Board’s purpose is to determine the desired ends and move the organization toward the accomplishment of its ends while establishing appropriate boundaries for accountability. In addition to setting vision and direction, the Board is responsible for the fiscal well being of the organization. The benefit of this type of governance is more time spent on the future growth of the organization and greater likelihood that the desired results will be reached for the glory of God

Frequently Asked Questions:

- How many board members are there?
The board is comprised of a maximum of 9 voting members.

- How do they become members of the board?
Present board members or parents nominate members for consideration. The nominees are voted on at the annual membership meeting.

- How long do they serve on the board?
All board members serve three-year terms, which may be renewed for one term.They must take a one-year break after serving two consecutive terms.

- Are the meetings open to the school community?
Anyone who wishes may attend a board meeting. Anyone wishing to address the board may request a place on the agenda by completing a Board Action Request at least 10 days  in advance of a meeting. All Board Action Requests should be submitted to the Controller. Please attempt to resolve any conflicts with the Administration before contacting the Board. Administration can only address problems that they know about.

- When does the Board meet?
The third Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00 p.m. Please see our official calendar for scheduling meeting dates.

- Where does the Board meet?
Foothills Community Christian School

The Board urges individuals to adhere to the following protocol:

First, attempt to resolve any conflicts with the person closest to the situation.

If the two of you cannot reach a resolution, then contact the person’s immediate supervisor.

If you still cannot gain resolution, contact the Head of School

If you are unable to reach an acceptable resolution with the Administration, complete a Board Action Request Form and submit to the Head of School at least 10 days in advance of the next board meeting.

2023-2024   School Board Members

President -  Nate Fairbanks 

Vice President - John Teini

Secretary -  Stephanie Semenza

Treasurer -  Ginger King

Member - Lucas Cyr

Member -  Nicole Thompson

Member - Daryl Moats 

Member -  Brad Hass       

Head of School - Matthew Zwicker