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We are delighted that we can offer some outstanding opportunities for those who choose to school their children at home. Foothills Community Christian School Christian School, in harmony with its mission to assist parents in providing a Christ-centered education that values exceptional academics, strong moral character, and service to others, offers services to accommodate Christian Homeschool students and encourage them to become (when they cease Home schooling) Foothills Community Christian School students. These services include record keeping, academics, arts, and other FCCS experiences.

For children who are between the ages of 5 and 10 we offer a one-day educational and social enrichment opportunity (Weekday Campus Academy). The Weekday Campus Academy offers enrichment classes such as Music Activities, Art Projects, Physical Education, and Technology as well as “Show & Tell” and will allow for the students to attend our once a week chapel. The Weekday Campus Program will be under the guidance of our Homeschool Coordinator. She will assign a weekly Bible verse and “Show & Tell”. Home school students in grades 6 – 12 may enroll in up to three classes if space is available (On-Campus Academy).

We are also considering offering classes for Foothills Community Christian School and Homeschool families in the late afternoon. We will also consider after hours academic classes for Homeschool students in the event our regular classes reach capacity, and we have at least six students for a class. Classes would meet two-afternoons per week.

Let us love your child while we provide him/her with sound, quality enrichment well-grounded in the principles of God.

Please feel free to contact our Homeschool Coordinator for more information. Call 406-452-5276 or email us at