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Our classroom and activity sponsors have provided financial contributions of $1000 or more toward assisting with specific classrooms, disciplines or activities.  Our partnership program provides 28 different opportunities for partners to direct their dollars to impact the areas they are most passionate about.  We appreciate our sponsors and their support of our academic and extra-curricular programs and opportunities.  You can learn more about each of our partners below. 

As you find yourself in need of goods or services, please consider supporting these friends of Foothills and thank them for their support of our school and our students.

Classroom Partners

Pre-Kindergarten - available for sponsorship
Kindergarten - MacDonald Heating & Cooling 
Kindergarten -In Honor of Mae Gill
1st Grade Thrivent - Karl Dorr
High School English - available for sponsorship
High School Math & Physics - available for sponsorship
High School Science Lab - available for sponsorship
High School History - available for sponsorship
K-12 Art - available for sponsorship
K-12 Physical Education & Weight Room - available for sponsorship
K-12 Technology Lab - available for sponsorship
K-12 Chapel - available for sponsorship

Varsity Team Partners

Boys Soccer - available for sponsorship
Girls Volleyball - available for sponsorship
Boys Basketball - available for sponsorship
Girls Basketball - available for sponsorship
Boys & Girls Golf - available for sponsorship

Club and Activity Partners

Student Council - available for sponsorship
Elementary Student Council - available for sponsorship
Middle School Student Council - available for sponsorship
Praise Team - In Honor of Bonnie Thompson
Video Production, Newscast & Yearbook KJJC-TV
Archery Club - available for sponsorship
History Club- available for sponsorship
Literary Club - available for sponsorship

20-21 Partners