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Our current facility was constructed in the 1940s and was utilized for several decades by the Catholic community. Foothills purchased the building and moved into facility in 2002 to provide more space to expand our programs and include high school classes and grow our student population.

Over the past 17 years, a variety of smaller projects have been completed to improve the facility including painting, carpet in some areas, adding a wall to create a dedicated weight room and most recently, new playground equipment. These smaller projects have helped maintain the aging facility but much work is yet to be done.

Our building oversight committee has been reviewing the facility needs for the past several months and is identifying and prioritizing renovation work that will begin in Spring 2019.  This will be a 2-3 year project with a goal of making substantial improvements to our current facility. Thanks to generous donor support, the majority of the financing for the first phase of projects is already secured.  You can view the project summaries and their funding levels (real dollars & in-kind) below.

If you would like to help with any of the projects, including bids for work and in-kind goods or services, please contact the Advancement Office at (406) 452-5276. You can also make a tax-deductible financial contribution to our renovation campaign here.

Summer 2019 Projects

Front Lawn Drainage Repair - 35% Funded          $11,600 Needed

The slope of our front lawn is creating water drainage issues.  At times of the year, we deal with water leaking into the building and into our computer lab. We are finalizing the plans for this project and hope to have it completed by late September.  The project will not only repair the drainage issues but also provide an updated patio for our students and families.  We are excited to launch the opportunity for you to support this project and our renovation campaign by purchasing an engraved brick paver. Pavers will be included in the new patio!  Pavers are $100 each and can be personalized or dedicated in honor or in memory of a loved one.  To learn more and purchase your paver, click here. 

Complete Roof Replacement - 100% Funded       $0 Still Needed and work is nearing completion.

Thanks to a $200,000 donation from Jon & Jenni Leach, an $8,300 gift from Faith Cardwell Agency, Inc. (Jim and Faith Cardwell) and other donations, our roof funding has been provided! After patching the roof for the past several years, Maddox Roofing & Construction, Inc. will begin installation of a new roof on June 1!

Bell Tower and Stair Repairs - 100% Funded      No Additional Funding Needed. Bell Tower work is being revisted.

A hand rail has been installed at the East end of the facility to provide additional safety for our students. We have also successfully repaired the last two steps outside the chapel entry and repaired the stair caps.  The Bell Tower is in need of repairs to the brick and plaster and the chapel stairs need repair.  These repairs are proving more difficult than originally anticipated and have not yet started.

Technology Repairs - 100% Funded                    No Additional Funding Needed and work is complete.              

Major technology renovations were completed in summer 2018 but some additional work was needed.  Physical network installation of wiring in high school classrooms wsa a need. This project allowed for additional computer stations to be set up in room 114 and all work has been completed!

Science Lab Upgrades - 100% Funded                  No Additional Funding Needed and work is being scheduled.

A few areas are in need of upgrades in our science lab including upgrades to the shower and eye wash station and an emergency chemical vent hood.  Estimated cost includes purchase of equipment and installation.

Future Projects

As the building maintenance committee completes walk throughs of the facility, additional projects will be added to the list based on priority and funding. Completion of the work and funding to cover the costs are going to take time. It is our hope we can complete the list of renovation priorities by the fall of 2021!

Electrical Updates -  0% Funded                           Funding Needs TBD

We are currently assessing the high priority needs for electrical updates which will include some updates to wiring and lighting in various classrooms.  We are currently seeking electricians to provide bids for the work we have identified.

Classroom Painting and Carpet -  0% Funded       Funding Needs TBD

Classrooms are in need of new carpet and paint.  This project will be completed once we know that electrical work is completed.

Boiler Repairs - 0% Funded                                 Funding Needs TBD

Our aging boiler system is once again in need of repair. We are currently reviewing the maintenance needs and securing price estimates for the repairs that will need to be completed.

Progress Photos

Chapel stair repairs are complete










Chapel stair caps are reinforced and improved.