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The Spring Banquet is our annual fundraising event to support Foothills Community Christian School. This one night event is among the largest in Great Falls and provides an opportunity to interact with Foothills students and families, learn about Foothills and our impact within the Great Falls Community and assist with raising funds to keep a Foothills education accessible for families.

Foothills annually invites a prominent public speaker to help share an uplifting message to our community. Past speakers have included Dr. Benjamin Carson, Jace and Missy Robertson, Tim Tebow, Mike Huckabee, Benjamin Watson, Trey Gowdy and most recently, David & Jason Benham.


Our 2021 event will be held on Tuesday, March 9 at the Heritage Inn and feature a keynote speech and appearance by actor and author Kevin Sorbo! 

Sorbo is best known for his leading role in the hit TV series Hercules which aired from 1993-1999.

Since that time, Sorbo’s acting, producing, and directing career has included more than 50 movies, many of them aimed at providing family entertainment.  From his movies God’s Not Dead, Soul Surfer, and What If, to a variety of documentaries on topics ranging from Christian faith to law enforcement, Sorbo has continued to excel in the movie industry despite Hollywood pushing him away for his faith and values. He is driven to bring Christ back into our culture.

In addition to his acting career, Sorbo has written two books, one of which chronicles his near-death experience after suffering three strokes on the set of Hercules. He and his wife Sam reside in Los Angeles where they homeschool their three children. Sorbo is a huge proponent of the pro-life movement as well as the protection of our religious freedoms in America.

You can learn more about Sorbo by visiting his website, Facebook, or Instagram pages. You can also visit Sorbo Family Film Studios.

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Past Banquet Speakers

Foothills Community Christian School has a long-standing tradition of bringing prominent speakers to Great Falls each spring as part of our annual Spring Banquet and fundraiser.  

Gary Bauer                        American Politician

Meadowlark Lemon          Harlem Globetrotter

Mike Trout                        Focus on the Family Co-Host

Florence Littauer             Christian Author and Public Speaker

Steve Largent                   Professional Football Player

Dave Dravecky                  Professional Baseball Player

Guy Doud                          Nationally Acclaimed Christian Teacher

Kurt Warner                       Professional Football Player

Oliver North                      U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel (appeared in 2009 and 2017)

John Morgan                     Comedian and George Bush Impersonator

Dan Wilson                       Professional Baseball Player

Russell O’Quinn                Fighter Pilot

Mike Huckabee                 Former Arkansas Governor

Bobby Bowden                 College Football Coach

Tim Tebow                        Professional Football Player 

Jase and Missy Robertson  Duck Dynasty Reality TV Series

Dr. Ben Carson                   Neurosurgeon and Presidential Candidate

Chad Williams                   US Navy Seal and author

Benjamin Watson               Author and Professional Football Player

T.C. Stallings                      Actor and Author

Trey Gowdy                        Fox News Contributor, Former South Carolina Congressman and Federal Prosecutor

Benham Brothers              Best Selling Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Professional Baseball players

Kevin Sorbo                      Actor and Author

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