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Foothills Community Christian School teaches all subject matter by looking through the “lens” of Scripture. Teachers at FCCS are sensitive to God’s Word and are familiar with it, so they become the weavers that intertwine His Word into all aspects of their teaching. We believe this to be the best method for enabling the student to determine truth as the student is exposed to a myriad of knowledge.

Teachers have been trained in learning styles and are sensitive to the modality (auditory, visual, tactual, kinesthetic) needs of their students. This knowledge, training, compatible curriculum, and formal assessment of each student’s learning style is provided for each student. The students are then trained to discover, understand, and use their learning style to enhance their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual capacities.

We regularly review our curriculum and test scores to ensure students are meeting and exceeding objectives at various grade levels.  Please refer to specific grade areas for more information on curriculum and academic requirements.


A FCCS Bible class is required of each student in each grade. The Bible is God’s Word to man and contains the plan of salvation for each individual. Bible study is built into the daily schedule and is taught from both academic and spiritual perspectives. Students are taught to seek, find, and submit to God’s will for their lives. Foothills Community Christian School requires that each student in grades K-2 have a copy of the NIrV version of the Bible and students in grades 6-12 have a copy of the NIV version of the Bible for work related to school.