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From time to time, our teachers run across items that would be helpful to enhance their classrooms but it not funded under our operational budget. Our Wish List includes such items and is updated from time to time throughout the year as needs arise.

Your donation to fulfill a wish list item is fully tax-deductible and will be a blessing for our teachers and students.  Check out the steps below to learn how you can make an impact and bless our teachers by fulfilling a wish list request.

  1. Review the complete wish list below and identify how you would like to make an impact at Foothills.
  2. Once you identify an item, you may click on the item name to purchase the item(s) directly from Amazon. If you are using, a percentage of your purchase is donated back to the school from Amazon! If you wish to be receipted for your in-kind gift, please deliver the item to the school or send as a gift with your contact information.  Any items received will be sent an in-kind receipt for tax purposes. Please indicate the item is a wish list fulfillment.
  3. If you do not wish to purchase the item, you can mail a check to Foothills or donate online and designate which Wish List item you would like to purchase.  You will receive a tax receipt for the entire amount of your financial donation.
  4. If you wish to make a donation toward the purchase of an item but do not wish to fund the entire purchase, please follow the instructions in Step 3 and specify which item(s) your funds should be directed toward.  Funds received will be held until enough funding is obtained for the purchase of the item.  All donations are fully tax-deductible and will be receipted even if we are unable to purchase the item at the time of your donation.
Our Amazon Wish List

When our teachers make requests for items that are not in our normal budget, we add them to the Amazon Wish List. You can view that list here.

Other Wish List Items

SKETCH Classroom 3D Printer System

Our Art teacher and 8th grade Homeroom would both benefit from the addition of this printer system within their classroom.  List price is approximately $1,799.  Click on the title above to learn more. If you are interested in providing partial or full financial support for this item, please contact