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Volunteer opportunities abound at Foothills!  Volunteers serve in a variety of roles including classroom assistance, lunchroom help, coaching our athletic teams, planning fundraising and other events, and more. Some of our opportunities are ongoing while others are specific and limited to events or certain times of the year.

Those interested in volunteering at Foothills are encouraged to contact the school at 406-452-5276. Volunteers who work in the building and with our students are required to complete and pass a background check prior to any volunteer activities. You can download the background check form here.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Lunchroom Warm Ups
  • Classroom Assistance
  • Elementary and Junior High Basketball Coaches
  • Athletic Booster Club Members
  • Athletic Event Helpers (gate, scoreboard, scorebook keepers, game managers)
  • School Grounds Coffee Barista (Friday mornings)


Above is a short list of ongoing volunteer needs at the school. If you are interested in helping at Foothills in areas other than those listed above, please call us anyway!  If we don't have a need or opportunity right now, we will want to know how to contact you in the future.