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Assessing tuition and fee costs is only part of the planning for families enrolling at Foothills. We know that families make sacrifices to Choose Foothills for their children, and we offer a variety of payment options for families to help you fit costs into your budget.


All payments are due by the 10th of the month.

Standard Payment Plan Options

Annual - One payment in the month following enrollment.
Semi Annual - Two payments made in April & October
Quarterly - Four payments made in April, July, October, and January
Monthly - This plan provides an opportunity to divide payments into an 11 month period from April – February 
The monthly plan is calculated beginning the month after enrollment and will be paid-in-full by February.


In addition to the payment options above, we provide an alternative monthly plan for new enrollments after August 1st. These plans are aimed at reducing the amount of the monthly payment and ease transition to standard payment plans. These provide a continuous monthly payment plan dividing annual tuition into 10 monthly payments.

1st Year  ~ Sept – June (10 months)
2nd Year  ~ July – April (10 months)
3rd Year ~ May – February (10 months)
4th Year ~ Standard Payment Plan April – February (11 months)