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Honor List

Academic Excellence is one of our five core values.  Our students, grades 3-12, are recognized at the end of each quarter and at the culmination of the academic year for their excellence in the classroom.

Students can earn recognition on one of three lists:

The Head of School List includes any student earning a grade of 95 or above in all subject areas during the quarter.

The Principal List recognizes students who earned grades of 90 or above in all subject areas during the quarter.

The Honor List recognizes students with an average of 90 or above who earned no grade lower than 80 in any subject area during the quarter.

Honor Lists for each quarter of the academic year are linked below.


Click for a full list by quarter or scroll down to see the most recent Honor List.

2020-21 First Quarter (full list)

2020-21 Second Quarter (full list)

2020-21 Third Quarter (full list)

2020-21 Fourth Quarter (full list)



No grade lower than 95

3 Evvie Petzold
3 Nolan Gregg 
3 Isabelle Fladager
4 Matthew Teini
4 Anjolaoluwa (Anjie) Ogunsua
5 Kaylee Lewis
5 Nora Petzold
7 Addison Teini
9 Sibyl Rutter
10 Roman Jacobsen
11 Denae Johnson
12 Daphne Church



No grade lower than 90

3 Mia Peterson
3 Hailey Thompson
3 Aiden Pierre Valencia
3 Braxton Jerald
3 Madelyn Morris
3 Lia Miller
4 Aiden LaFountain
5 Kalli Koteskey
5 Caleb Hass
6 Katelynn Meek
7 Kelcie Fulbright
7 Marcus
8 Kimber Koteskey
8 Rohna Gregg
8 Natalie Drummond
8 Zoe Gliko
10 Kaitlyn Church
10 Gregory Nicholson
11 Alexandra Dixon
11 Wyatt Lindseth
11 Alexander Fried
12 Alex Schuman



An "A" average with no grade lower than 80

3 Noah Thompson
3 Brayden Perryman
3 Darby Moats
4 Leah Hass
4 Treyson Strunk
4 Lily Hass
4 Nash Gliko
4 Paxton Gregg
4 Elijah Rohacs
5 Andrew Bauer
5 Hannah Thompson
5 Ryder Leach
6 Ava Wright
7 Noah Fladager
7 Emery Olson
8 Anna Bauer
9 Logan Gervais
9 Samuel Mazaira
10 Ty Chattillon
10 Rilee Gervais
11 Kassi Huston
12 Reese Broadbent
12 Reighanna Miller