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At Foothills, we seek to guide, train, coach, educate, and graduate students who:


  • Are exceptional
  • Think independently and critically
  • Are trained thoroughly in a biblical worldview
  • Know their gifts, talents, and skills and on a path of using them
  • Have a superior preparation for any further education
  • Exhibit a continuing love for learning
  • Demonstrates effective communication skills:
    • Speaking
    • Writing
  • Participate in athletics (competitive or recreational) that equips them with a Christian approach to wellness
  • Are trained in fine arts, social, and extracurricular activities that equipped them with a Christian cognitive approach to beauty, ministry, and fellowship


  • Are equipped fully to live the Christian life:
    • Physically
    • Spiritually
    • Emotionally
  • Defend effectively their faith by word and deed
  • Articulate with clarity a Christian worldview
  • As it relates to the biblical definition of marriage and family
  • As it relates to the exercising of the biblical disciplines of prayer, Bible study, Christian fellowship, and a lifestyle of discipleship/evangelism
  • Are committed to a local body of Christ
  • Are committed to Christian education
  • Love the Lord with their:
    • Whole heart
    • Soul
    • Strength
  • Solve problems with courage based on biblical convictions
  • Reveal authentically the character of Christ by their actions


  • Serve and influence others because they know:
    • Whose they are
    • Who they are
    • Why they are here
    • Where they are going
    • How they are going to get there
  • Are equipped to engage the world for Jesus Christ
    • Physically
    • Spiritually
    • Emotionally
  • Commit to a life of loyal and responsible servant leadership in a local church
  • Serve and influence others by their example of a consistent work ethic, decision-making based on biblical morals, lifestyle of integrity and responsibility
  • Demonstrate the skills of critical thinking based on the Truth of the scriptures
  • Embrace the realization of the importance and significance of their influence in the community of which they live


Academic Performance

27- Mean ACT Composite Score

1306 - Average SAT Score (2021)

1 - National Merit Finalist

8 - Students Scoring 30+ on ACT