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High school students are required to complete 28 credits to graduate from Foothills as indicated below.
GRADUATION YEARS: 2021 and after
      Course                                             Credits
  1. Bible                                               4.0
  2. English Language Arts                  4.0
  3. Mathematics                                  4.0
    1. Algebra I (minimum level for credit)
    2. Algebra II
    3. Geometry
    4. Pre-Calculus or Advanced Math  
  4. Science                                             4.0
    1. Physical Science
    2. Biology
    3. Chemistry
    4. Physics
  5. Social Studies                                   4.0
    1. World Geography 1.0
    2. World History       1.0
    3. U.S. History           1.0
    4. U.S. Government     .5
    5. Economics              .5
  6. Physical Education*                            1.0
  7. Fine Arts                                              1.0
    1. Vocal
    2. Instrumental
    3. Art
    4. Theater Arts
    5. Digital Photography
  8. World Languages (same language)      2.0
    1. Spanish
  9. Technology                                            1.0
  10. Communication Application                   .5
  11. College Prep                                             .5
  12. Other Elective                                        1.0

                   Total                                              28.0

*Can substitute A.D. approved sports


A Distinguished Achievement Diploma is also an option for students who wish to pursue a more rigorous level of study.  The total number of credits for the program is 29 and requires students to complete a minimum of 6 dual credit or AP level classes and one on-line class while in attendance at FCCS.  For additional information, please contact the school office.

Community Service of 20 hours per year is required. Students are also required to complete 5 hours of Heart Ministry Service each quarter which fulfills the general community service requirement.  Heart Ministry Hours must be completed for service outside of Foothills or a student's home church. Each year there are opportunities for students at FCCS to serve in the school.  Students may use these opportunities to acquire 10 of the 20 required community service hours or they may acquire all 20 hours on their own.  Community Service forms must be completed and turned into office after each service project so that the hours worked can be recorded.