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Scholarship Donations

For many families, enrolling at Foothills is an investment and a long-term investment at that.  Our families are investing in the education of their children for twelve to thirteen years per student. For a family with multiple children, they may be paying tuition for more than a decade.  That kind of long-term investment by our families is offset by equally generous long-term support by our donors who provide scholarship funding.

In the Spring of 2015, we launched our LEARN Scholarship program; named after our five core values.  The intent was to formalize a program where our donors had an opportunity to provide a named scholarship to assist a student and their family with the cost of a Foothills education. Since the start of the program, we have awarded more than $200,000 to families to assist with tuition costs. 

The benefits and rewards of the LEARN Scholarship are meaningful to not only the recipients but the donors themselves who receive personal thank you notes from students and families who have been deeply impacted by their generosity. The LEARN Scholarship has helped numerous families secure first-time enrollment at Foothills and many of our scholarship recipients indicate their desire is to pay it forward and support the scholarship program once their children are through school.  

Not only does the LEARN Scholarship program provide an immediate impact on families who enroll now, but it provides a long term impact for their families and a deep connection by our donors who are an instrumental part of helping students benefit from a Christ-centered education at Foothills. 

We also provide two memorial scholarships that donors may wish to support. To learn more about these opportunities, please click here or contact our Advancement Team.

Funding a LEARN Scholarship

With an investment of at least $2500, donors are able to name a LEARN Scholarship in memory or in honor of someone. Scholarships can also be named after their business.  As the donor, an individual or business has an opportunity to frame what the recipient of their scholarship might look like.  They can determine if the award goes to a family demonstrating financial need, a student with outstanding academic or athletic merit, an alumni family or any other number of criteria.  

Such an opportunity allows you, as the donor, to directly impact the type of family you wish to support without actually choosing the family by name.  All LEARN Scholarship donations are tax-deductible and are awarded by the Scholarship Committee based on the criteria set forth by the donor.  Donors are notified of recipients each Fall and are invited to attend our scholarship reception to hear the direct impact they are having on our families and students.  LEARN Scholarship funding can be paid in a one-time gift, monthly or in quarterly installments.  While most awards are for a single year, donors do have the opportunity to award a scholarship for more than one year provided the family receiving the award meets eligibility criteria in successive years.

Donors who do not wish to name a scholarship or who wish to provide support of less than $2500, also have the opportunity to contribute to the LEARN Scholarship program. While gifts of less than $2500 do not provide the opportunity for donors to specifically direct their dollars to a set of criteria for a recipient, they do provide an opportunity to make a direct impact to a family attending Foothills.  All such scholarship donations are pooled together in the LEARN Scholarship fund and are awarded to families based on the discretion of the Scholarship Committee with priority given to families who demonstrate a financial need.  These gifts provide a great opportunity for the committee to provide a number of varying sized gifts to families to help ease their transition and continued enrollment at Foothills while allowing donors to collectively contribute to scholarship funding for Foothills students and their families.

Call our Advancement Coordinator at 406-452-5276 x409 or email to find out how you can support the LEARN Scholarship program for Foothills students. Foothills is a 501(c)(3) organization.