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Become a Falconer

Falconer - a person who keeps or trains falcons.

Foothills Falconers provide monthly support which helps keep and train our Falcons in grades PK-12. Financial support from our Falconers helps offset the costs of academic programs, school activities, facility needs and more.

Donors who make a monthly donation of $10, $25, $50, or $100, join the ranks as a Foothills Falconer and have a unique opportunity to watch our Falcons soar!

From the classroom to the athletic competitions, our Falconers fly with us. 

Falconer Benefits

Falconers are important partners and assist us with our mission to provide a Christ-centered education that values exceptional academics, strong moral character, and service to others.  All donations and contributions made by Falconers are tax-deductible. These perks are simply a way for us to say Thank You to our Falconers and provide them an opportunity to be a part of the growth and experiences of our students. 



Falconer Updates