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Our student leaders had an opportunity to pray
over former South Carolina Senator Trey Gowdy.

Chapel is a key component of our Bible curriculum.  It is a weekly time of shared worship and learning for students in grades K-12.  Lower elementary students (K-2), upper elementary students (3-5), Middle School (6-8) and High School (9-12) all have shared Chapel times each Wednesday. 

In addition, we host all school Chapel services on a monthly basis which allow a time for students of all ages to worship together.  At times, these services include special guest speakers or musicians, while at others times, they are student led times of worship.  


Senior Chapel

One of our Bible curriculum requirements for exiting seniors to present a Senior Chapel.  Seniors utilize their experiences in Bible class, home churches and more to craft their own senior chapel presentation.

Senior chapels are included on our event calendar and on social media as families and the public are invited to attend.

These chapel presentations are one of the capstones to a Foothills education.


"After I attended High School Chapel, I was filled with awe at how Foothills is instilling our students with the love for God, worship, and ministry. It was amazing to hear the hearts of our children as they shared sermons and personal testimonies of hearing from Jesus, experiencing His word and interceding for one another.  Such a tearful gratitude swept over me at the authentic faith of our young adults.  Attending chapel with the high school students confirmed a number of reasons why I choose Foothills:
  • The mission of the school is being fulfilled ~ Foothills is assisting parents  in providing a Christ-centered experience for their children in a variety of areas in education, community, ministry, mission work, decision making and integrity
  • The teachers, coaches and staff at Foothills are truly at the school because they love our children.  I see this everyday. They have chosen Foothills because they know the investment they are making into the next generation of followers of Jesus.
  • The community at Foothills is like no other.  As with any community, we have our ups and downs; however, we choose this school and this community because we know that our children are worth it.  As parents our deep desire is for the next generation to love God, receive a firm foundation in Christian education, be people of strong moral character and hear His voice to lead them in their adult lives.  
I’m thankful every day for Foothills.  If you want to be awed by our young students and what God is doing in their lives, commit to attending High School Chapel.  You will see the fruit of your labor!" - Dr. Jennifer Leach, FCCS Parent