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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide as much information regarding the Admission, Enrollment, and Payment Process as possible but each family situation is different.  Below are a few frequently asked questions we encounter during the process.  If you have additional questions not listed here or these don't answer your specific questions, please contact the school office at 406-452-5276 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

When do tuition payments begin?

  • Annual tuition payments begin in April and families have a maximum of 11 months for their payment plan. Families who complete enrollment and finalize payment plans will have fewer months in their payment cycle and should plan to have annual tuition paid by Feruary of each year.

Do I need to do a separate application and fee for each child?

  • Yes, each student who is applying for enrollment must have their own application and a $75 application fee. This covers the costs associated with account creation and internal processes. The fee is also non-refundable.

Do I have to complete enrollment documents and fees before applying for tuition assistance?

  • No.  To apply for tuition assistance, a student/family must be admitted to Foothills. However, we realize that the level of tuition assistance may determine a family's ability to complete enrollment.  Once families are notified of a scholarship award, they are expected to accept the award and submit all enrollment documents within 2 weeks or decline their award.  Please note that seats are not held for admitted students until the enrollment process is complete.

May family is moving and not yet in Great Falls. How do we complete our Admissions interview?

  • While face-to-face interviews are preferred, we understand the challenges of families relocating for work or military reasons.  Therefore, we are happy to make alternate arrangements for interviews including video interviews (Skype, Google Hangouts) or a simple phone interview when necessary.

Are there any Enrollment Fee discounts available?

  • Families who enroll early may be able to take receive a discount of $100 or $200 off the enrollment fee. Please see the tuition and fee schedule for required deadlines.  In addition, families who attend LEARN Night or Falcon Visit Day events may receive enrollment fee discounts.

Does Foothills have a dress code?

  • Yes, there is a dress code policy for grades K-12.  You can view the policy as part of the handbook or by clicking here.

Are there discounts for large families?

  • Yes, we provide a family tuition cap for those families who are enrolling 4 or more students. Eligible families shold contact the Business Manager for more information.

Is there a Military Discount?

  • We offer a $250/student discount for eligible active duty military families.  Families can contact the Business Manager to determine if they are eligible for the discount.
Have a question not addressed here?  Call us or send us an email.