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Our Elementary program consists of our Lower Elementary (grades K-2) and our Upper Elementary (grades 3-5).  Students in the Elementary Programs participate in daily Bible classes and are required to recite weekly memory verses as part of the Bible curriculum. Elementary students also participate in 'specials' which include daily physical education class as well as weekly art, music/choir and technology classes and instruction. Students also have recess twice daily.

Lower Elementary students have weekly chapel services together as to Upper Elementary grades.  The separation of grades allows for adaptability of age appropriate chapel content.  

Upper Elementary

Grades 3-5 are the upper elementary programs.  In addition to their homeroom studies, students also attend art, music and technology specials and have a daily physical education class.

The three grades share a weekly chapel service which usually focuses on a time of worship and a group Bible study and they participate in our all school chapel services, Grandparents and Veterans Day Event, Spring Banquet and our annual missions week along with several other activities.

Our students in upper elementary have a variety of extra-curricular opportunities available to them including participating in Parochial League Basketball (boys and girls) and we offer an Elementary Student Council Program.

Our students also participate in a variety of academic events including the annual Living Wax Museum, Science Fair, Bible Bowl, Geography and Spelling Bees and an assortment of field trips and educational experiences outside of the classroom. 4th grade students partner with the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks to participate in the Hooked on Fishing program which provides education about fishing, habit, and includes hands on experiences such as fish dissection, fly tying and ice fishing. 5th grade students participate in the Montana Air Guard Starbase program. All three grades also participate in our school science fair.

Lower Elementary

Grades K-2 are the lower elementary program.  Students gather weekly for a shared chapel service which often features  puppetry to illustrate Bible stories and lessons.  The lower elementary classes also participate in our monthly all school chapel services for grades K-12. Lower elementary students attend specials including art, music and technology along with daily physical education classes. 

In addition, grades 1-3 participate in our speech meet and annually visit local retirement homes to sing and bring joy to residents.  Other activities throughout the year include a variety of field trips and a service focused missions week each spring.  Our 2nd grade class are 'buddies' of the senior class and share time together throughout the year with reading and classroom activities and shared holidays. Students in each grade have daily Bible instruction and weekly scripture memorization as part of their curriculum.