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About Student Council

Our students are provided an opportunity to participate in Student Council beginning in 3rd grade with our Elementary Student Council.  Middle school students in grades 6-8 have their own council and high school students hold positions in our Student Council group which provides leadership primarily for grades 9-12 but are also looked upon as the student body leaders for grades PK-12.

You can learn more about each group activities below.

High School STUCO

Students in grades 9-12 provide leadership for our high school and entire student body.  They lead service projects and fundraisers and also hold various fundraisers which assist in planning and organizing the annual High School Retreat, Homecoming Dance and Prom.

High School STUCO is advised by High School teacher, Mrs. Carrie Morrison and Parent Mrs. Meleea Lindseth.

2019-20 Officers
Raina Lindseth - President
Jacob Lehmann - Vice President
Makayla DeLange - Secretary
Georgia Balius - Treasurer
Alex Dixon - Historian
Wyatt Lindseth - Chaplain
Madison Johnson - 12th Grade Class Rep
Reese Broadbent - 11th Grade Class Rep
Alex Fried - 10th Grade Class Rep
Wyatt Balius - 9th Grade Class Rep

Middle School STUCO

Grades 6-8 student council leaders are elected each spring and serve a one-year term.  Middle School STUCO oversees sales of Foothills Blend Coffee as one of their main fundraisers.  The 2019 officers are the first Middle School STUCO and will be tasked with setting a foundation for events and activities the council will oversee annually.

The council is advised by Middle School Teacher, Mrs. Betsy Miller and Business Manager, Mrs. Ramona Hall.

2019-20 Officers
Kimber Koteskey - President
Samantha DeLange - Vice President 
Addison Teini - Secretary/Treasurer
Cadence Smith - Historian
Jason Dolan - 8th Grade Class Rep
Philip Morrison - 7th Grade Class Rep
Sofia Balius - 6th Grade Class Rep

Elementary STUCO

Grades 3-5 form our youngest STUCO group. While the students do organize and lead activities, the primary function of the council is to learn how to facilitate meetings, work with teachers and staff, and organize and implement ideas.  The council is the first formal opportunity for student leadership training.

Officer elections are held annually in the fall and members serve a one-year term.

The council is advised by 4th grade teacher Ms. Alyssa Holland and Advancement Coordinator, Mrs. Kerri Koteskey.

2019-20 Officers